Ver-sur-Launette (Oise)


Building Data

  • Type:
  • Affiliation:
  • Original Diocese:
  • Region: Picardie
  • Department: Oise
  • Coords: 49.104, 2.6853
  • Surveyed: 1980-83, 2003, 2015


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Phase 1 - 1110s - south (b)

set out the tower base and all four shaft have the same plan and diameters; the coursing shows the SW pier with its capitals built together with the staircase to tower plus walling to the west on the inside as part of the stairs; the projecting walling on the outside for most of the nave bay may also be the same period, or part of the C15 refacing; rib vault under the tower intended and vault cap placed higher than that under the entry arch a few courses of which may have been built at this time.
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Phase 2 - 1120s [1121]- south (a)

continuation of tower base with vaults and chapel; on the west side of the nave entry the projecting corner between the shafts not continued into the capitals and in most cases the junctions between the capitals do not coincide with the projections between the shafts.
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Rationale for dating :

Analysed in "The Ark" 5:1689 [*MCS - Victoire I because fronds overlap, if after Saint Loup 1127]

Phase 7 - 1200s [1200s]- nave

bases to W4 and WS3 together for larger shafts, began drum WS3; the aisle capitals carved with imposts, WN2-4aisles and WS4 together whil the profiles of the other two are different; there is a joint where the chamfered arcade arches offset over piers with space for aisle vaults.
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Rationale for dating :

decadic range "The Ark" 2:971

Phase 8 - 1210s [1215]- nave (c)

nave clerestory windows, at least in third bay; west clerestory capitals 1230s mode suggesting slow completion

Rationale for dating :

ex M1 in "Templatemakers"