Mogneville (Oise)


Building Data

  • Type:
  • Affiliation:
  • Original Diocese:
  • Region: Picardie
  • Department: Oise
  • Coords: 49.314, 2.4725
  • Surveyed: 1977, 1980-83, 2005, 2014


Virtual Tour

Phase 4 - 1100s [1102]- south

south chapel capitals to nave entry to west (a-) and arch to start of south window; this wall on the south continuous from SC shaft to opening into nave and therefore these caps by Group 3 are before Group 1; also there is a half-arch in this wall against the crossing suggesting a doorway, that can be viewed in full on the nave side and shows that the arch is before the crossing shafts that are bonded into the infill under the arch, and bonded over the little arch into the side of the arch into the nave.
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Rationale for dating :

group 1 capitals numbered "1" in MCS#13 [*MCS - Faceter]

Phase 5 - 1100s [1103]- crossing (a-)

both chapel pier capitals flanking the chapel entries (a-) and NC entry arch carved together and showing that there were breaks here because arches need time to settle; includes start of nave arcade north side two courses lower than entry into north transept
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Rationale for dating :

group 2 capitals [*MCS - Faceter]

Phase 6 - 1100s [1107]- w crossing

west crossing piers and capitals around the crossing with crossing arch including NW1ne rib shaft and the tower buttresses are butted into the nave; the south side of the arch into the nave is a couple of courses lower than the north
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Rationale for dating :

capitals group 3 [*MCS - Faceter]

Phase 7 - 1110s [1110]- south-w (a-)

entry into future south aisle

Rationale for dating :

group 4 [*MCS - Banniere - Firedog]

Phase 8 - 1110s [1111]- south (v)

south vault capitals S-s clerestory with location of joint indicated in south window frame; the ribs are butted into earlier crossing arch; there is an oculus in west wall

Rationale for dating :

Capitals group 5 [*MCS - Faceter - SS Master]

Phase 9 - 1110s [1113]- north (v)

north vault capitals in 3 corners, ribs built with wall but butted into crossing arch with the north window

Rationale for dating :

SS Master A for 1112 as this suit the evolution of his juvenile style.

Phase 10 - 1110s [1115]- apse

eastern rectangular bay, capitals and vaults with the east wall and window, and the whole assembly was butted against the crossing and chapel walls

Rationale for dating :

capitals group 7 [*MCS - Faceter]

Phase 12 - 1120s [1122]- tower I

nave arcade arches on the north built with the inserted opening in the north arm for an aisle that was probably built as the roof-flashing groove shows the outline of the aisle roof; also above the first nave pier WS3 a splayed impost supporting a pointed arch that matches the arch on the north; he;ped to stabilise the tower base for the intended tower and spire
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Phase 17 - 1240s - south

removal of south apsidiole, replaced with double square bays.