Brumetz (Aisne)


Building Data

  • Type: Abbey Church
  • Affiliation: Trinitaires
  • Original Diocese:
  • Region: Picardie
  • Department: Aisne
  • Coords: 49.102, 3.1605
  • Surveyed: 1977, 1980-83, 2003, 2014


Virtual Tour

Phase 2 - 1130s - w crossing

the western crossing piers have triplet shafts, designed for a rib vault over the crossing but none to the west; built only a few courses including part of opening into an intended south nave aisle; in a later campaign a few of the lower courses of the west wall were erected
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Phase 3 - 1140s [1144]- crossing e

eastern crossing piers butted up to the apse, probably with solid side walls with dados on each side; capitals to all four crossing piers and vault; the large window to the south was cut through wall at a later date to give more light;
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Rationale for dating :

[*MCS - Victoire I]

Phase 4 - 1150s [1150]- nave

the nave bay completed to the capitals and vaults; the rest of the west wall with an opening and capitals into an intended south aisle;

Rationale for dating :

analysis in "The Ark" 4:175; "Templatemakers" 39 and 202-3

Phase 5 - 1190s [1190s]- north

north transept in three campaigns;

Rationale for dating :

decadic range in "The Ark" 1:598

Phase 6 - 1220s - apse

old apse demolished; new apse in three campaigns;

Phase 7 - 1220s [1225]- north aisle

one bay of aisle on north side of nave with a passage cut through transept wall;

Rationale for dating :

ex M1 in "Templatemakers"