Breuil-le-Vert (Oise)


Building Data

  • Type: Priory Church
  • Affiliation: Benedictine
  • Original Diocese:
  • Region: Picardie
  • Department: Oise
  • Coords: 49.360, 2.4372
  • Surveyed: 1977, 1980-83, 2015


Phase 1 - 1070s [1073]- nave s

South nave walls with wide openings.

Rationale for dating :

Dated primarily by the work of Bannierre and the geometric simplicity of the others.

Phase 2 - 1180s - chapel, north

south chapel where a taller vault was intended, but when the wall for the tower was built over the arch this forced a change; later, the north wall to junction in northeast corner and part of one bay on the south; there may have been an earlier apse level with the service stairs.
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Phase 3 - 1190s - east

east wall with very large buttresses in the corners, doorway in the flat east end, drum pier.

Phase 4 - 1200s [1209]- south 3-4(c)

south clerestory 3-4, apse

Rationale for dating :

decadic range in "The Ark" 2:817

Phase 5 - 1210s - south 1-2(c)

south clerestory 1-2, south 3 vault